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The rainfall are unevenly distributed on Earth’s surface. It can rain from 1 mm to 10.000 mm per year according to the area.The distribution of lands and seas and reliefs cause significant alterations in the distribution of precipitation.

The tropics are an area with hot and arid deserts where many years can pass without a drop of rain falls. The Atacama desert located in the North of the Chile is the driest place in the world. For four centuries it hasn't rained except a storm in 1971. The driest region is in Arica located north of the Atacama desert with an annual average of 0,76 mm.

The wettest areas are those around the equator. These areas covered by tropical rainforests have a warm and wet climat, with torrential rains almost daily. The highest annual rainfall occurred at Mount Waialeale in Hawaii with 11.680 mm and in Mawsynram, Meghalaya, India, with 11.873 mm of rain per annum. In India to Cherrapunji there was the highest monthly precipitation in July 1861 with 9.300 mm.

The map above established the average rainfall
per day each year on Earth in mm from 1987 to 1999

Click here to see an animation of the monthly average
rainfall on Earth according to the average of 1960-1990


France is located at 45° North. It is subject to the maritime influences of the Atlantic that bring precipitations.

The country is divided into four main climatic zones :

- Oceanic (mild winters, cool summers, and abundant rainfall most of the year) ;
-Semi-continental (cold winters, hot and stormy summers and moderate precipitation) ;
- Mediterranean (summers warm and dry, mild winters and precipitation which often causing flooding) ;
- a mountainous climate (cold winters and cool, wet summers).

  Oceanic Climat
  Semi-oceanic Climat
  Continental Climat
  Montainous Climat
  Mediterranean Climat

The seasons are fairly distinct everywhere in France, but there difference is marked by the contrast between coastal regions and the Interior of the country, because it is between the North and the South.


The average of the annual totals of rainfall in France from 1961 to 1990

Click here to see the monthly average rainfall in animated in France


The annual rainfall in Paris from 1922 to 2013

In precipitation of Paris from 1770 to 2013 1921 was the lowest
annual rainfall with 272 mn and 1801 the largest with 899,10 mm.
Click here to see the precipitation of Paris from 1770 to 2003


The average monthly precipitation
of Paris from 1770 to 1993


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