Emissions Scenarios

SRES no-climate-policy scenarios
("Where are we going?")
There are many possible pathways of future development, and hence greenhouse gas emissions, even assuming no specific policy to avoid climate change. Explore the causes and consequences of the range of IPCC-SRES "baseline" scenarios.

Stabilisation ("mitigation") scenarios
("Where do we need to go?")
The aim of the UN Climate Convention is to avoid dangerous climate change, by stabilising concentrations of greenhouse gases. You can investigate a range of levels and pathways to stabilise CO2 concentration (as in IPCC-SYR Q6), or to stabilise temperature directly.

  • Discussion comparing these two approaches to the climate problem

    Other emissions options

  • Distribution of emissions How can we share a limited global emissions budget between countries?
  • Other gas emissions Options to reduce emissions of all gases together (CH4, N2O, CO, VOC, NOx, SOx, HFCs and SF6).
  • Effect of Kyoto protocol