Java Climate Model

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If you are using IE5 or Netscape 4.7 on a PC, it should load automatically. Otherwise please

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Please note: The model has been tested with the following browsers:
  • Internet Explorer v5 on PC and Mac
  • Sun java on PC & Unix
  • Netscape v4.7 and Netscape v6 on PC
  • Netscape v4.6 on Unix

    The java-virtual machine built into NS4.x on Unix is very slow, so on Unix you are advised to use a java plugin (e.g. from Sun, Compaq) or run it directly using java appletviewer.

    Please tell me about other browsers / JVMs
    Note if Netscape exits reporting "bus error", this is due to a netscape bug applying to all java applets, which you can fix by setting the font path to include 75dpi fonts.