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The panel documentation pages explains the curves and controls, and some interesting observations for each plot.

Note you can also call these pages directly just by clicking on plots, if you first select the help-mode (Help button, top left)

Regional Data

  • Multi-purpose Regional plot
    (CO2 emissions, population, GDP, energy, abatement, responsibility, per-capita etc.)
  • Emissions regions map

    Global Science

  • Carbon Cycle:, Carbon Storage Plot
    (ocean and biosphere sinks)
  • Other gases:
    (CH4, N2O, CO, VOx, NOx, SOx)
  • F-gases:
    (CFCs, HFCs, PFCs, SF6)
  • Radiative Forcing:
    (combines heating from various sources)
  • Temperature:, Ocean Profiles
    (global average temperature rise)
  • Sea-level:
  • Regional Climate:
    (map of regional temperature change for each month)

    Functional Panels

  • Top Panel
  • View graph data
  • View chosen parameters

    See also:
  • module menu, how calculations work.
  • JCM code structure