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Modules contain the science calculations. This documentation gives technical explanations of "how it works".

Note you can call specific module documentation simply by clicking on items in the flowchart (Layout menu), if you first select the help-mode (Help button, top left)

Natural Science Modules

  • Carbon java
  • Oghga java
    (Other greenhouse gases and aerosols)
  • RadFor java
    (Radiative Forcing: heating at surface)
  • Climate java
  • Sealevel java
  • RegCli java
    (Regional Climate Map)

    Emissions Modules

  • SRES java
  • Kyoto java
  • Mitigation java
  • People java
  • Regshares java
    (Regional shares of emissions)
  • Responsibility java
  • Costs java

    Structural components

    These are structural elements in the same java code package jcm.mod

  • Modlist java
  • Modloop java
  • Module java
  • Param java
  • Time java
  • Loaddata java
    See also:
  • Panel menu for visible plots and discussion.
  • JCM code structure